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Traditional incubators are equipped with high-end microprocessor control with fully programmable control of the process of incubation. Thanks to the reliable temperature sensors and humidity sensor (flow – Capacitive – without a shirt and cotton tank with water) we are able to get a very accurate measurement and control of microclimate.

In the new generation incubators, suitable microclimate inside is maintained by means of modern control-based Siemens, which precisely and with an accuracy of 0.1 ° F maintains the temperature and humidity which is displayed on the touch screen. What is new is the measurement and control of CO2, which has a substantial impact on the quality of chicks (optional). You also benefit from the programming cycle of breeding where the incubator step by step every day will realize our assumptions without the need to manually change the settings. All parameters can be saved, analyzing and controlled from a personal computer from anywhere on earth where there is access to the Internet.



Trolleys are standard incubators equipment and may also be used for storage and transport of eggs, the capacity of one truck both traditional and new generation is 4,800 eggs.



Automatic eggs transfer used to translate eggs from hatching trays to hatchery baskets, manual eggs transfers are used to translate eggs from paper trays  to hatching trays and can also be used to transfer eggs from hatching trays to hatchery baskets. We offer automatic eggs transfers with a capacity of 150 eggs and manual eggs transfers with a capacity of 30 eggs.


Hatchery baskets are placed in hatchers, where the chicks hatch takes place. Hatchery baskets available in our offer can accommodate 150 eggs.



Trays are used to rotate the eggs in the incubators. Available in our offer nesting trays can hold 150 eggs.




Waste separators are used for disposal of waste from the chambers hatchers.



We also offer to our customers a machine that counts the chicks and segregates them in specified amounts to the baskets, so you can completely eliminate manual counting and sorting.

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