Hatcher Premium Line

The Incubators we offer are built using the latest technologies applied using many years of experience. Those Incubators are characterized by low energy consumption and much better technical parameters. 

Suitable micro climate inside the incubator is maintained by means of modern control, created on the basis of Siemens, which precisely and with an accuracy of 0.1 ° F maintains the temperature and humidity of what is displayed on the touch screen. What is new is the measurement and control of CO2 which has a substantial impact on the quality of chicks (optional). You also benefit from the programming cycle of breeding where the incubator step by step every day will realize our assumptions without the need to manually change the settings.

All parameters can be saved, analyzing and controlled from a personal computer from anywhere on earth where there is access to the Internet.
The heating system is based on electric heaters while cooling is carried out with water coils. You can apply a water cooler and operate in a closed condition. Moisture on the incubators is maintained by misting.
A major asset of our company is to provide warranty service and quick and easy access to inexpensive spare parts.

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